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Landscape/Beautification of Campus

In addition to the new entrance provided by the most recent Bond issue, Cleveland PTA in partnership with Garza’s Green Grass has begun a major landscape project.   This includes hardscape and grading to address major washout concerns, irrigation, and plant materials.  The first stage of this project was completed over the summer – we hope you will enjoy it and imagine what Cleveland will look like SOON!

PTA Events
  • Teacher Appreciation Lunches
  • Family Fun Night
  • Bingo Night
Guidelines for Volunteering

Cleveland loves to have volunteer help and we will have many opportunities throughout the year! It is part of what makes our school so great. Below is a framework that will help you feel more comfortable while volunteering at the Cleveland.


Just be comfortable. It is great to wear jeans and your Cleveland t-shirt if you have one. Don’t forget your nametag in the office and wear a smile to add to the positive community.


There is a visitor parking lot outside the Office entrance to the school. Avoid parking in the circle drive unless you are quickly picking up a child. If it is in the middle of the day, and you know that teachers have already parked their cars, you are welcome to park in an empty spot in the other parking areas. If the lots are full, you may park along the neighborhood streets as long as you do not see a “No Parking” sign or yellow painted curb. The Office door is the only door unlocked during the day.

Check In:

You must check in the main Office every time you enter the school AND make sure to check out when you leave. Every time to check in, you will need you driver’s license or mobile ID from the visitor check in system. The Office can help you set up your mobile access.


The receptionist, Pat Mares, is available if you have any questions while volunteering. You may also text or call Megan Sherrer, the PTA President, at 405-406-3161or contact the committee chair for which you are working.


Please do not use the teacher lounge bathroom while volunteering. Visitors and volunteers may use the restroom in the library.

A few more things:

Please do not enter the back door to the main office through the 3rd grade pod as this entrance is strictly for staff. Additionally, if you see a sign on a door marked “staff only,” please respect that space. There are many things happening in all parts of our school that need to be under FERPA guidelines. Thank you for being mindful of this.

Thank you again for volunteering at our school!

We want you to feel welcome and comfortable during your time at Cleveland Elementary!

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